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Cricket and football are most popular sports in India. No wonder a lot of Indians watch sports matches live, eager to get the latest score information online. Here you can watch score live, on cricket nad football. We deliver football and cricket news together with the selection of premium youtube sports videos. Do you need the hint how to play poker? What poker hands to play and what to drop? Read the analysis from poker players. We cannot forget horse racing and betting tips, these are part of the b3t Indian sports site.

Is betting legal in India? How to bet on Cricket and Football ?

No matter you bet with Bet365, Dafabet or Betway. B3t provides reliable sports betting tips every day, check B3T prediction page. Here we provide the tips What to bet on today ? Coverage of Premier league, Bundesliga, Champions league, Serie A and Laliga, and other major football leagues.

Betting in India is legal in some states. In some other indian states it is not allowed but all sports betting companies rely on the unclear law. Betting is made in virtual - internet space. Online betting is from the legal point of view law safe. This is the gap in the India rules, and the discussion how to regular the online betting is ongoing for many years. Yet the final decision is not made yet.

B3t provides football Score Live service. Online you can check the progress of your favourite football club match, on Score Live page.

Check what are India football News, or Want to try a new bookmaker for free? Visit B3T Free Bet bonus page.

What is ootball betting about ? How to bet on football and get football betting tips ? What to Bet on Today?

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B3T offers a prediction of the result, but it is still a prediction not the certainty. Can anyone predict when Manchester United will win England Premier league?. No. Will Liverpool win ? Who can predict?

English football leagues are known for great competition. It is great that players from India are making their way to the premier league. For example, Wilfred Ndidi in Leicester City or Alexander Iwobi in Arsenal FC. Other Indian players play in Spain, Belgium or Turkey. They have reached a professional level and are admired.

What football betting prediction data does B3T offer?

B3T provides daily free football picks as well as sports information from the football world. Or you prefere to say soccer world ? Do You love the English premier league, or do you prefer spanish La Liga ? Do you like fights in the champions league? For every match, we will provide you with up-to-date information from world clubs and a betting tip. Remember, we predict match results. The predictions cannot be considered as a certain result. Many factors influence the outcome. Everything that happens on a football pitch cannot be predicted. We do our best to provide best football tips every day. All tips are free to read. It is up to your decision what to bet on today.

Let's not forget India national football team. Great achievements all around on youth and men level. Of course you're watching the NFF who wouldn't be watching. Here are the players that you can actually see in India right in the stadium or meet in the center of Delphi city. We provide the link to most of the football leagues in the world.

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