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Read a selection of the best football tips for today. Betting tips include the world's best football leagues from the Premier League, the Champions Legue, the Spanish La League and the German Bundesliga. We also cover lesser known football leagues, where you will regularly find very good matches and odds. The odds are what determines the attractiveness of the match, taking into account the strength of the teams. For betting tips for each competition, visit B3T Prediction page.

Football tips with best odds and sure wins

Here you can find a list of matches for sure wins bets, and information on decreasing odds. These are specific bets that change with respect to the odds of individual bookmakers. That means depending on how people bet on football on the matches and what new information is posted.

Falling odds have become one of the most prevalent conspiracy theories in online betting. “They should be linked to mysterious inside information about the outcome of the match or last-minute fact, which is considered so important that it will affect the outcome of a one-handed game. Most of the time, however, it is only the last minute reaction of online bookmakers to the cash flow from many bookmakers towards specific tips.

Playing at declining odds means that you are betting on a bookmaker who still has to adjust the odds according to market movements. If most markets offer 2.00 for more than 2.5 goals per game, while one bookmaker offers 2.40, you can assume that this is a good bet and buy for 2.40. However, this is increasingly rare as most bookmakers closely monitor changes throughout the market and adjust their chances almost immediately.

What do these decreasing chances mean? There are many reasons that force online bookmakers to differentiate starting odds. The main reason, as stated above, is that the chances of a particular choice are mainly chosen by most of the participants who considered this choice valuable. As a chain reaction, the bookmakers will adjust the odds to levels that the bookmakers consider to be fair.

Other football leagues tips are available on the website mrpredict.com. The site where you find the tables, scores and predictions lower leagues and other countries.

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