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Liverpool football club

Jürgen Klopp described in detail the dangers that Liverpool's “younger brothers” in Salzburg would pose at the Champions League meeting in Anfield on Wednesday. The Reds go to their second Group E fixture and try to fend off the defeat at Napoli two weeks ago. However, the Austrian club Salzburg enjoyed the last contrasting happiness and went to the house of the European champions who directed Genk 6-2. And during Klopp's analysis of Jesse Marsch's team, he explained that he expected a clash of similar styles on the second day of the match. Football betting tips

"All very talented, very young, very exciting and also excited. They really have a clear plan, perhaps the brightest plan in world football," said Klopp Liverpoolfc

“Ralf Rangnick has developed something in various clubs in Germany: it's all about stamping and backpressure. We could say that they obviously consider themselves very close to Leipzig, but I think the philosophy is based on things we have done in Germany with Mainz and Dortmund in the past, and here in Liverpool.

"If you want, they're like" younger brothers. "That's, as we all know, really difficult because they will defend themselves with everything they have for so long waiting for the Champions League.

"I think they were fired nine or ten times in the last qualifying round, they are the Austrian champions on the show, but then they couldn't achieve it, but they were pretty impressive in the European League in the last two years."

Liverpool Salah

"It will be interesting and people should not be surprised if we have to work really, really hard." We need them all, we really need them all.

"It's always good - they played a lot of different teams, they had their own experience, but they never played number one and number two that never played at Anfield."

"We have to do these two things special, that's how it is." Can we surprise them? In the meantime, this is difficult in the football world, but I think we are always able to do so with the intensity we put in and the atmosphere that we can create together, and that will really be crucial. "

Wednesday's match will be the 100th European Cup / Champions League, which is played at Anfield, and comes a little less than five months after 99 - the unforgettable 4-0 semifinal victory over Barcelona.

Liverpool is defeated in the European competition at home under the leadership of Klopp. The boss wants to write a new chapter into the legendary continental history of L4 this season.

"Yes, European nights are back, that's how it is," he said.

"The Champions League obviously started two or three weeks ago." Naples wasn't the best game we've ever played, but it was still the Champions League and we enjoyed it.

"But now, of course, the things we all remember, big nights here in the last few years, and we want to have them again."

Liverpool football team

"These big nights have always been really good opponents, so it will happen tomorrow night too, but yeah, as I said, European nights are back."

"Hopefully everyone is in the best case and we can re-create that feeling, re-create the kind of performance that will be necessary because it's not about enjoying the atmosphere, it's about acting, all of us, at the highest level." Let's hope we're ready for that. "

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